4 Fantastic Top of Funnel Examples to Attract New Customers

4 Fantastic Top of Funnel Examples to Attract New Customers

Written by Karen Carps

April 16, 2021

We’ve recently talked about the marketing funnel (or sales funnel) as a general topic. In that post, we outlined the three parts of the funnel: top, middle, and bottom. But what should happen at each point in the sales funnel? Let’s focus today on the top of the funnel and explore some top of funnel examples.

Defining Top of Funnel

First of all, when some people talk about “top of funnel”, they use the term TOFU. I just can’t. It brings to mind visions of gross protein substitutes, so I think I’ll just continue to type it out. Sorry, soy.

GIf of angry tofu with moustache - top of funnel examples

A rule of thumb when considering the top of the sales funnel: this isn’t the place where you actively try to sell. Your top of funnel goal should consist of brand awareness. You want people to learn you exist… if they don’t know about you, they can’t enter your funnel. I love what this post has to say about your top of funnel goals: “Content at the top of the funnel has very little to do with products and services, and everything to do with your buyer’s interests and needs.”

In the HubSpot marketing flywheel, they consider this the “attract” stage, where you attempt to attract new users to your business or brand. With that in mind, consider these top of funnel examples.

Top of Funnel Examples

SEO – The Top of Funnel Cornerstone

I just reread that. Funnels don’t have corners, so they can’t have cornerstones. I’ll just assume we’re on the same page anyway.

When people search Google, you want them to find you, right? If Google can’t find you, then neither can potential customers. HubSpot actually calls this “Search Engine Marketing“. Without the ability for people to find you or your brand, you may as well not have a funnel to begin with. For that reason, SEO should be the first consideration for any marketing funnel.

While I could get into HOW you should improve your search engine rankings, that would go beyond the scope of this post. If you want to learn more, we have a free email course on SEO that you can get using this:


Another top of funnel example is blogging or content marketing. If you continue to write engaging content on topics of interest to your audience, more users will find you and become aware of your brand. Remember: your top of funnel goal should include brand awareness and letting people know you exist. When people find your blog posts and share them with others, they drive that goal forward. This will undoubtedly help your SEO, but be sure to focus on writing for your intended audience. The search engines will follow.

Social Media

While you don’t want to rely only on social media for your entire online presence, you can certainly use it to drive an audience to your website and increase brand awareness. Share your blog posts, special offers, and news about your organization. If you encourage your audience to share with others, your reach grows and grows.

Paid Ads

When you do a Google search, you almost always see “sponsored” results at the very top of your feed. Those companies have used paid ad strategies to get their brands in front of you. If you have a budget for paid advertisements, investing in paid Google or Facebook ads can help get your name out there.

Now that you have some top of funnel examples in your toolbox, you can start getting folks into your sales journey by learning about your brand. Next time, we’ll focus on the middle of the funnel… in the meantime, keep swimming along!

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