6 Exciting Benefits to Examine Your Business with a Roadmapping Session

Remember the old days when we used to use maps? I’m talking about the real paper ones that you could never quite fold back up they way they were when they were new. I realize that I’m showing my age here, but my parents used to spend time right before a big road trip with the big map spread out on the kitchen table. They’d make sure to have a handle on roads we’d use, turns, and places to stop. While we have it made these days with GPS doing most of the heavy lifting, we still feel more in control knowing that we have a plan. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something like that showing you how to reach your business goals? You can do that with a roadmapping session!

What is a Roadmapping Session?

You can find more info about this on our service page, but a roadmapping session takes a deep dive into your business. We look at your goals, both short and long term, and discover the routes you can take to get there. At the end, you get a comprehensive report containing recommendations of what you may (and may not) need to get you to your destination. This roadmap is yours to keep, regardless of whether you further engage GuppyFish Web Design to complete the work. Keep in mind, however, that knowing what you DON’T need for your business is just as important as knowing what you DO need. Maybe more.

The process of a roadmapping session

Roadmapping Session Benefits

Let’s examine some of the benefits of completing a roadmapping session:


The very first thing you’ll do, before we even meet, is fill out a form outlining both your short term and long term goals. Where do you hope to be a year from now? How about 5 years? Everything that follows will relate directly to those goals. With an emphasis on what you want for your business, you’ll know that every part of the process that follows is tailored just for you.

When you fill out the form, you’ll also answer questions about the value of new clients, how they find you, and your process for attracting and then onboarding them. With this information, we can see about raising that value and streamlining your flow.

Fish Food: People who set goals are 43% more likely to achieve them.

People who set goals are 43% more likely to achieve them.


Who is your ideal audience? When you picture your dream client, what does that person look like? What do they find important, like, or dislike? During our session, we’ll map out your target personas and discuss the best ways to communicate with them so that your message resonates. We want them to realize that you understand their unique problems and then present you as a means to solve them! We’ll even name your personas so that, when you work on your marketing materials, you can ask, “What does Peter Persona need to hear? Will this message get through?” After this, we’ll use this persona to make recommendations to reach your desired audience.


Now let’s take a look at your website. What works? What doesn’t? Does it attract people in your persona or turn them off? Does it generate leads? What can we improve to help that happen? We’ll look at everything from layout to images to content and examine its effectiveness. Your report will contain everything we observe, along with recommendations for improvement. It will also include aspects that are working well and things you should NOT change!

You’ll also learn how to make sure your content stands out to the reader. For example, can readers see themselves in your website copy? When someone visits your site, do you inspire them to take action?


Are you afraid of email marketing? So many people I talk to don’t want to “bug” people with email, so they choose not to do it at all. Here’s the thing. People take breaks from social media, but nobody ever completely steps away from email. You’ll never hear anyone say “I’m giving up email for Lent!”

People want to hear from you. Sending periodic emails ensures that you stay top of mind.

As part of your Roadmapping Session, we’ll talk about why email isn’t a bad thing and how you can approach it without coming across as a pest. You just have to know how to use it effectively.

Social Media

How does your business use social media? Most business owners know that they need to have a presence on social media but not how it should work. During your roadmapping session, we’ll talk about the best social media platforms for you to reach your desired persona. While some business owners think they have to be on every social media site, it’s important to know where your audience spends their time. You’ll have much more success if you focus on the platforms that reach your audience and not waste time on the other ones.


Lastly, we’ll examine what makes your business tick. What tasks do you find yourself performing over and over? What do you have in place to onboard new people (customers and employees). If you don’t have anything, we can talk about ways to make things clearer to your audience and let them know what to expect. When I started using more automation to run my business, it saved so much time that it was like I hired an employee. I can set processes in motion by typing in an email address and applying a tag. It really can be that easy! If you save time with automation, you will save time and money. Additionally, you’ll look like you have things together, even when you don’t. This part of the Roadmapping Session can be very revealing about where your business loses time and money!

Roadmapping Session Pricing

So how much does it cost to have a Roadmapping Session? I knew you were wondering. Right now, roadmapping starts at $750. The boost in lead generation and sales by implementing the suggestions in a roadmapping report could more than make up for the amount spent. Those who have gone through the process have reported a great return on investment from their sessions.

If you have an interest in learning more about roadmapping and how it can benefit your specific organization, I encourage you to reach out. If you want to go ahead and pull the trigger, click below. I can’t wait to see how this will affect your organization! In the meantime, keep swimming along!

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