About GuppyFish

With websites, social media, and email marketing all working together, your web presence will get a major boost.

Do You Need a Website That Works for You?

Maybe you don’t have a website and aren’t sure how to get started. Perhaps you DO have a website, but it just sits around collecting virtual internet dust. You know you should have one in this day and age, but you don’t know where to start. Possibly, that site that your uncle’s ex-girlfriend built for you just doesn’t cut it anymore (if it ever did).

Whether you need a brand new site or your new one needs a facelift, we get you. We’ll learn about your business and goals, then build a custom site that will take those goals and turbo charge them.

More than Just Website Design

Once you have that website in place, you need visitors! We can help with a full marketing package that will help your site get noticed. Using our SEO skills, social media services, email marketing, and CRM (HubSpot) management, you will have everything working as a well oiled machine to take your web presence to the next level.

About the Owner

Karen Carps - GuppyFish Web DesignWhy GuppyFish?

People often ask our owner, Karen Carps, about the GuppyFish name. With the last name Carps, it’s hard to get away from fish references, so she decided to run with it. When she was pregnant with her oldest child and didn’t know whether she would have a girl or a boy, she referred to the baby as “Guppy”. Continuing with that theme just seemed like a good fit.


Experience You Can Trust

When Karen started GuppyFish Web Design in 2009, she focused solely on creating and launching websites. Things drastically changed in her business when she started addressing each client’s goals before even talking about a website. This unique approach has allowed her to shy away from simply designing a site and moving on to the next one. With the addition of more packaged services like social media and email, her clients see her as more of a partner than a web designer. Nothing makes her happier than watching a client grow and succeed.

Working with Karen at GuppyFish Web Design was a great experience from beginning to end. She took time to understand the unique needs of my business and created the site to highlight my strengths. The whole process was very transparent with lots of opportunities for feedback and adjustments along the way. The new website is beautiful, very user friendly, and enjoyable to visit. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to create or rejuvenate a website!
Mark Patterson

Owner, Mark Patterson Music

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to learn more about what we do, our blog showcases our knowledge. Interested in a free consultation? Let’s talk.

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