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You have an awesome website… let’s get more search traffic and show it off to the world!

SEO Services


You could spend thousands of dollars and have the best website in the world, but that means nothing if nobody ever visits it. So many people think that the Kevin Costner “If you build it, they will come” effect applies to their websites. If only it were that easy!

Sadly, Google doesn’t automatically know about your awesome website, but there are plenty of things we can do to change that! That’s where search engine optimization comes in. We can give search engines just the nudge they need to find your website and gradually move it up in search rankings.

GuppyFish Web Design holds an SEO Certification through ClickMinded. We’ll be happy to share that with you and what in entails.

The SEO Process

While we do offer SEO assistance with our brand new websites, we can help you with a site you already have in place. Did someone else create the site? No problem!

First, we’ll analyze key pages of your website in a thorough SEO audit. Then, we’ll meet together and talk about your SEO wins and opportunities for improvement. We’ll go over the report in detail and discuss suggestions to improve your organic search results and Google ranking.

Once we’ve gone through your Search Engine Optimization report, we can talk about how much it would be for us to help you implement the changes. The report is yours to keep, regardless of whether you have us make the improvements or take them elsewhere.

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