Marketing Automation

What if you could put some of your marketing on autopilot, freeing you to do an amazing job at what you do best? If you’re interested in converting leads to customers and bringing brand awareness, this service is a must-have.

What is Marketing Automation?

Picture this… a prospective customer indicates interest in a specific service you offer, and they automatically receive a series of well timed emails, based on their area of interest. These emails are designed to lead them gently down a funnel toward ultimately becoming a paying customer.

Or perhaps this person has made a purchase from your business and you want to follow up. Marketing Automation can help you do just that with messages intended to make sure the customer has had a good experience, learns more about the purchase, and potentially reminds them of other products or services of interest.

You can achieve all of this and more with marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Approach

Did you know that potential customers often do business with whatever vendor gets back in touch with them first? What if you are sick or busy and unable to follow up on that lead right away?

Our Marketing Automation services will take that stress away. With targeted emails that automatically go out to those who contact you or that follow up with past customers, we help you nurture your relationship with valued potential customers.

We start by helping you identify how to attract subcribers and make recommendations on how to keep them loyal once they join your list. We also help set up emails to be triggered by specific events or purchases in your organization. The goal is to nurture relationships and show that you listen to your customer base.

If you’re launching a product or promotion, we can help with emails that create buzz leading up to the launch date, then follow up with emails specifically based on user actions, purchases, abandoned carts, and showing interest without purchasing yet.

Let us help put some of the most important parts of your marketing on auto-pilot!

Some of the Marketing Automation services we use and recommend include: ConvertKit, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and Hubspot.

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