Website Audience: How to See the Highest Success and Growth

Website Audience: How to See the Highest Success and Growth

Written by Karen Carps

April 25, 2024

If you’re planning to create a website for your company or organization, you probably have lots of ideas in mind of how you want it to look and what functions you want it to have. You’ve seen all the bells, whistles, and fancy features from other sites and can’t wait to incorporate them into yours. Have you considered, however, that what YOU want may not be the same thing your target website audience wants? You can’t afford to ignore this.

Who is my Target Website Audience?

Well, the answer to that depends largely on the nature of your business or organization. Who is it that you want to come to your site? Who buys your product? To whom are you aiming as your main demographic? If you haven’t considered this target website audience in the design of your site, you may not be attracting who you want. There are a few questions to consider when identifying your target website audience:

  1. What problems does your target visitor have that relate to your product or information?
  2. What demographic best describes this person? (Age, gender, business type, etc.)
  3. What information does this visitor seek?
  4. How can you help him or her find that information easily?
  5. How do you show this ideal visitor that you are the best source for the product or information?

Who is Visiting Your Website NOW?

Before you can cater to the people you want to visit your site, make sure you know who actually does visit. You can find all kinds of tools for viewing the demographics of those who visit your website.

If the audience you want to visit your site doesn’t align to those who DO visit, you have some work to do. If a user has a bad experience, they won’t come back. According to Forbes, 88% of website visitors will not return to a site after a bad experience.

Website Audience statistic: 88% of online users won't return to a site after a bad experience.

Designing For Your Target Website Audience

Since you know that your site serves as your most valuable employee, you want to “hire” a site that will relate to your audience. For example, I once created a site for a hearing aid center. While not all of the people who are seeking this service are senior citizens, logic states that the target website audience will largely be older adults. Because of that, the design of the site should be simple, have larger fonts, and use colors that are easy to see. Since a large percentage of the site’s visitors may not be as comfortable with technology and the web, the target website audience would dictate that the site not be too flashy and be easy to navigate.

By contrast, if you’re considering a site for a rock band, your target audience would probably be vastly different. The colors should reflect the style of music, and you’d be more likely to add flashy elements like audio or video to your site. The images on the site would also indicate a younger audience and portray the mood you’re trying to convey.

Take Your Visitor On A Journey

Next, you want to consider what you want the visitor to DO on your website. You’ve considered their wants and goals and catered to them, but what about your goals? Your site should get them started on a funnel that converts. Hoping to increase subscribers? Create an irresistible lead magnet that puts them on your list. Perhaps you have a sales goal. Place a coupon or coupon code on your site where the visitor will see it right away.

Whatever you do, make sure it appeals to your ideal visitor.

If you have a site and wonder how effective it is, make sure to use my quiz to get your free website report card!

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So before you embark on a new website project, make sure to consider your audience. What you have in mind when you get started may not be what your target website audience needs or wants. Consider who you’re trying to reach, and keep swimming along!

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