6 Super Easy Social Media Ideas to Boost Your Calendar

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Written by Karen Carps

February 6, 2020

In my business, I talk with all kinds of people in many industries. Surprisingly, many of them have the same challenges with marketing. They know they need a presence on social media, but it gets put on the back burner. Consistency in marketing is everything. In addition to not having the time to maintain the accounts, many state that they just don’t know what to post. GuppyFish to the rescue… I need a fish with a cape. Here’s a list of social media ideas that you can schedule ahead of time. These posts are so easy they practically write themselves.

Easy Social Media Ideas

1. Post about Team Members/Staff

Social media builds trust in your community and industry and shows that you know your business. What better way to strengthen that trust than to show the trustworthiness of your team? Show the world why you hired these people and keep them around. You could do a weekly “team member Tuesday” where you feature one employee at a time. Post a picture of the person along with his or her position and a few fun facts.

Example: “This is Jane, our receptionist! She’s the first person you’ll see when you visit us and loves making sure you are met with a smile. When she’s not at work, you’ll find her at the pool cheering on her teenage boys at swim meets.”

Posts like these show that you and your team are human and make you appear more personable and approachable. They also cast a familiar light on team members so people know who they’ll meet when they deal with you. If you have a staff training or gathering, post a picture of everyone having a great time. Some of the most engaging social media posts include people just being human.

Additionally, don’t forget to post when you have staff changes. This provides a great opportunity to introduce new staff or bid farewell to someone as they leave (on positive terms, of course).

2. Post Fun Facts

People love fun, random facts. You get bonus points if the facts are about your industry. (Actually, in the spirit of “Whose Line is it Anyway?”, the points mean nothing.) You can do a “fun fact Friday” where you post some cool statistic or fact about your business or industry. These can even be about staff members. Does someone have an exotic pet or cool hobby? That can be a fun fact. Did you learn your trade from your great grandfather? Did you get that artwork in your waiting area from some cool trip you took?

Not only do fun facts show that you know your industry, they provide another way for you to appear human and trustworthy.

3. Post about Accomplishments

Most of our parents have raised us not to brag, but there are exceptions to every rule. If you or someone on your team has an accomplishment, tell the world! While you don’t want to brag all the time, people don’t mind if you toot your own horn sometimes. Post about that new certification or completed training. You want your audience to know that you continue to learn and grow in your field.

These accomplishments don’t have to be limited to just you, either. Maybe you have an intern who has worked with you for a long time who graduated from college. Post something showing how proud you are! Perhaps someone had an accolade in a sport or scouting event. What a great opportunity to further showcase your amazing team!

6 Super Easy Social Media Ideas

4. Post about Coming Events

If your organization sponsors events, post about their preparation on social media. Post a pic of people preparing, decorating, or just meeting about the event. This can help create buzz about the event and make people more excited about it.

Even if you don’t have organizational events, you can post about those you are attending. Anytime you go to a trade show or workshop, post a pic of your travel or your view at the event. Not only will you connect with your audience, you’ll show them that you’re staying up to date on trends within your industry.

5. Post Testimonials

One of my favorite social media ideas is to post great things people have said about you or your organization. You don’t want to talk only about yourself and brag about how awesome you are, but most people receive these really well if you sprinkle them in once in a while among other content. If they have had a similar experience, it may even inspire them to write something similar! You can use a free image tool to create something eye catching with the quote.

6. Post a Virtual Tour

Audiences love to see behind the scenes. If you work in an office that receives lots of visitors, like a doctor or dentist, feature a room a week that patients will see when they arrive. Once you’ve done that, you can post a picture of your staff laughing in the break room or another place people aren’t normally allowed to go.

Even if you don’t have an office that people frequently visit, you get your work done somewhere! Post a peek of your work space, outside your window, or something that inspires you when you work. Even if that office is Starbucks, posting that will make you more human to your followers.

No matter what your business, you can find something in this list of social media ideas to super charge your social media presence. Do you have a type of post that gets lots of engagement? Let us know in the comments, and keep swimming along!

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