What Free Marketing Tools will Make That Post Go Viral?

What free marketing tools will make that post go viral?

Written by Karen Carps

December 14, 2018

If you’ve been following along with this latest series on free blogging tools, we’re in the home stretch! You planned your post, done an amazing job writing it, and created some awesome images to spice it up. All you need to do now is share that post everywhere you can to get people to come read and share it themselves! These free marketing tools will help you do just that.

Free Marketing Tools

1. Click to Tweet

I love the Click to Tweet tool from CoSchedule. If you have a “sound bite” or main idea that you want to highlight in your post, you want people to be able to share that easily! Fortunately, it’s super simple to install and use. Once installed and set up, just click the little bird in the post editor and place the content of the tweet. The plugin works its magic and creates a beautiful box that users can click to tweet (hence the name) the content. It will also tag you on Twitter and provide a link back to your post. Like this:

It also serves as a pretty box to help break up your content and make it easier to scan.

2. Buffer

I’ve highlighted Buffer before as a great social media tool, but it definitely bears mentioning in this case, too. Since you can’t completely depend on others to get the word out about your posts, you need to do some sharing yourself. That’s where Buffer comes in. This free tool allows you to schedule social media posts to be sent automatically. You could be with your kid at the doctor, and your posts would keep right on rolling.

You don’t just want to share your own posts here. Nobody like someone that talks only about themselves all the time. You can schedule other items of interest and sprinkle your stuff in there like fairy dust. Remember: you have to promote your post more than once. Don’t settle for sharing it only when it’s first published.

3. Email Marketing

Social media shouldn’t be the only way you promote your blog post. We can’t discuss free marketing tools without mentioning email. If you use email marketing (and I strongly suggest you should), send new posts out to your list. They already  have a relationship with you, which makes them your biggest cheerleaders.

I didn’t list just one email marketing tool because there are so many good ones out there. One of the most popular free ones, however, is MailChimp. With a price of free until you get to 2,000 subscribers, you’ll see an amazing ROI. My personal email marketing service of choice is Drip. It’s also free, but only up to 100 users in your list.

It’s also a good idea to use the blog post to grow your list. If people like what they’ve read, they’ll be more likely to sign up for more. Now your blog is promoting your list, and your list is promoting your blog! Win-win!

4. Google Analytics

If you want to promote your blog post in the right places, you need to know what’s working. What sources are driving traffic to your blog? Where are your readers spending their time? Google Analytics has your answers.

Now, I know that some people shy away from Google Analytics because it can be overwhelming. It is easy to get bogged down in the technical stuff. However, what you can learn with this tool is worth it. You don’t have to get too deep in the technical stuff to find value, either. There are some great tutorials for bloggers that keep things simple.

Now you can use this information to amp up your efforts and target the audience that’s right for your content. Things will go up from there!

I’ve loved doing this series on free marketing tools. Please use the comments to share your favorites with me! I’m always on the prowl for useful stuff. In the meantime, keep swimming along!

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