Facebook Page or Website – Which is More Powerful?

At some point, you’ve probably had someone take you through the exercise about what you’d take if you were stranded on a desert island and could only have one thing. While I’ve never enjoyed those exercises, I recently started thinking about it from an online marketing prospective. If I had to choose between a Facebook page or website, what would…

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Final Fish Name Voting!

Ok, guys! We’ve narrowed our fish naming contest entries down to three. What should we name the fish on our homepage? Vote for your favorite, and have your friends vote for the winner! The person who submitted the winning name wins a $50 gift card to Target! Voting will close at midnight on Saturday, March 25.  

How to Improve WordPress Installation for Amazing Website Success

So you’ve decided to use WordPress! You’re definitely not alone. According to a recent report, WordPress is now used by nearly 60% of websites. It’s even easier to install than ever, now that most web hosts offer it so freely. But what to do after that initial WordPress installation? While it’s tempting to jump right in to making that website look awesome, but…

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Name the Fish – Voting Time!

I recently asked you to help us celebrate the launch of our new website by naming the fish on our homepage. You guys came up with some great choices! In fact, I had a hard time narrowing them. If we need to resort to more than one round of voting, we can do that! For now, here are the choices. Please…

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Website Freshness: Is your Website Helping Valuable SEO?

I’d like you to picture something for a moment. What comes to mind when you think of stagnant water? It’s probably not a pleasant image. Usually it’s green and uninviting. You certainly wouldn’t want to jump in feet first or encourage your child to do the same. Believe it or not, your website freshness can either invite or repel visitors…

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Using Trello: 8 Tips to See Ultimate Project Success

In a recent post about productivity tools, I mentioned how using Trello has changed the way I work. In my own workflow, I’ve been able to streamline tasks and their progress, weaving it together with some other applications I use. Today I’d like to focus on using Trello with clients and some best practices that I’ve found to be useful….

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