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Written by Karen Carps

June 11, 2020

I recently had the pleasure to talk with Julie Botset. Not long ago, she left her full time job in ministry to start a different kind of business both coaching and helping churches in their ministries. While this experience with Your Fractional Ministry Executive proves different from anything she’s ever done, she seems to enjoy owning her own small business. Let’s get to know her and her unique situation.

Personal Coaching

In addition to the main part of her business working with churches (more on that later), Julie enjoys doing personal coaching. Her services include life/leadership coaching along with premarital sessions. She particularly enjoys helping couples have the hard conversations before they get married. Even though most couples are in a “rosy” time right before they get married, she knows that these issues will eventually present themselves down the road. By discussing them ahead of time, she hopes to help couples navigate rough waters before the anger ever sets in.

Working In Ministry

After Julie’s 20 year stint in the corporate world, she spent 8 years in full time ministry at Journey Christian Church. During this time, the church grew by leaps and bounds. They left their building, which they had recently outgrown, and moved to services in a local high school. Their growth continued while meeting in the high school, during which they searched for a permanent building solution.

Ultimately, after several years meeting in a school, the church moved to a warehouse that had formerly housed a Costco. Julie, with her years of experience in corporate growth, served the church through that time as Director of Operations, among other roles. She assisted with logistics, staffing, and ministry coordination. This experience led her to want to help other churches do the same through Your Fractional Ministry Executive.

What is a Fractional Executive?

Before we get into Julie’s business, let’s talk about fractional executives. I found a great article that explains it well. From the article, “a fractional executive takes on an executive role at a company for a “fraction” of their time”. By doing this, businesses with fewer resources avoid paying a large full time salary by using someone in more of a consultant’s role. Examples of positions this role could fill include HR specialist, CFO, and Marketing.

Your Fractional Ministry Executive

So how would a fractional executive work in a ministry setting? In her business, Julie steps in to help churches that may not have the resources to hire someone full time. In her words, she provides “horsepower” and leadership to help those churches grow. She says she feels drawn to smaller churches who want to grow but need more leadership capacity. She can help with HR/staffing needs, team and culture assessments, putting systems in place, and whatever the individual church may need. Her favorite part of this business is having the flexibility to be involved in different things, along with variety. No two days are ever the same.

Ultimately, Julie hopes to help the churches she serves to become equipped to work without her. She comes in, assesses the situation, makes suggestions, and puts systems in place. After she implements her plan and trains the staff, she hopes they feel equipped to continue down the same path without her.

Julie’s Digital Marketing

According to Julie, digital marketing presents an “opportunity for growth”. With such a new business and doing everything on her own, she has had a hard time learning all the digital marketing ropes. Her challenge is that there is so much out there, it’s difficult to know where to start.

I think Julie does better than she thinks in this area. She publishes articles on LinkedIn, which she also uses (along with Facebook) to find connections. She lists Hubspot as her favorite, most useful tool for managing client relationships and her marketing pipeline. I talked to her a little about marketing automation and how I use it to get more done in less time. She has learned a ton in the short time since she started her business, and I know she’s on the right path.

Stay tuned for more business spotlights, and keep swimming along!

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