Blog Frequency: How to Reignite Your Resolution

blog frequency

Written by Karen Carps

August 11, 2017

It’s summer, and your New Year’s resolution to blog weekly has gone by the wayside along with that daily trip to the gym. I get it. My resolutions have flown the coop, too. Life gets in the way, and blogs are among the first things to get set aside. You had the best of intentions, and it just hasn’t happened. You know it will help your SEO, among other things, but you still haven’t done it. Here’s the good news… it’s NOT TOO LATE!! I don’t care if you haven’t blogged in a year or so, you can do this. Let’s resolve together to increase our blog frequency, and I’ll share a few tips that I’m using that I hope will help you, too.

Improving Your Blog Frequency

1. Set Aside Time

The number one excuse for a low blog frequency is that people just don’t have time. When I was really good about blogging weekly, it was largely because I had a day of the week specifically set aside for blogging. The goal was to publish a post on that day. If I had time earlier in the week, I’d go ahead and get a post ready, save it as a draft, and come back to edit it on the designated day.  Looks like Thursday is going to be my new blogging day!

2. Keep a Ready List of Topics

Another thing that has really helped me improve blog frequency is always having a list of topics at hand. Sometimes your biggest roadblock is not having subject matter, but you can easily eliminate that excuse if you always have a list going. The tool I use for this is called Evernote, a popular note taking app that will sync notes between devices. A conversation with a client, something I see on the web, or the weirdest daily interaction with other humans will give me an idea for a blog post. Knowing my mommy brain, I’m not going to remember any of it on blogging day! I have Evernote installed on my phone and laptop, and I can also access it from any computer. When writer’s block hits, I pull up the list and find a topic. For me, knowing what to write about is half the battle!

3. Hold Yourself Accountable

How many people do you know who have lost weight or met any major goal completely on their own without accountability from anyone else? Have a friend or colleague subscribe to your blog and hold you accountable. If you haven’t posted for, say, 2 weeks or so, have him or her contact you and ask you why. If your friend notices that your blog frequency has dropped off, a gentle reminder can go a long way! Again, when I was doing really well with blogging, I had someone checking up on me, and I didn’t want to let her down. It was a huge motivation for me.

4. Keep a Backlog of Posts

Of all the tips I’ve mentioned, this may be the most challenging to accomplish. However, if you do find yourself with time to spare (ha!), motivation, and inspiration, take advantage of it.  Go ahead and write several posts. You can save them as drafts and use them when you need them… you know there’s going to be a time when illness or other factors keep you from being as productive, so keep a post or two on hand so your blog frequency doesn’t take a hit when life does.

5. Revisit Old Content

In addition to the tips above, you could always re-purpose an old post. If there’s a subject that you haven’t featured for a while, take that old post, spruce it up with some updated information, and post it again. If it was published far enough in the past, people won’t even notice. You can even mention that it’s a subject you’ve visited before and want to add more insight. You’ll look like even more of an expert on the topic!

Tips to keep your blog active

I’m going public right now in saying that I’m planning to implement these tips and get my blog frequency back up to snuff. So… get back on that blogging horse, regardless of how many times you’ve fallen off, and keep swimming along!

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