Your Website Project – FAQ

You’re about to start on your website project… that’s pretty exciting! If you’ve never embarked on a project like this, it’s hard to know what to expect. Check out these questions and their answers to help you.

Website Project FAQs

Who is Involved in the Process?

We strongly recommend that you have one contact person to communicate about your web design project. When we receive communication from multiple individuals in an organization, things quickly become unorganized, and we sometimes have conflicting information. The best idea is to have everyone involved filter information through that main contact person. That person then relays necessary items to the web professional.

How Will I Track Progress On My Website Project?

GuppyFish Web Design uses Trello to manage projects. To learn more about best practices on this platform, we recommend you read this post on Using Trello for Website Projects.  On the Trello Board personalized for your project, you’ll see a series of columns. We’ll use these to show what needs to be done, what’s in process, and what’s finished. You can see a sample project board here.

We love using this because everything needed for the website and all the communication resides on that board. If you have a question about something, just head over to the Trello board instead of searching through a host of emails to find the answer.

How Will We Communicate?

During the course of your website project, everyone involved will need to communicate. We ask that you keep all (or at least most) of your communication on that Trello board. Consequently, all communication is easy to locate and there’s a record of everything. This helps keep everyone on the same page, so to speak.

What if I Need Immediate Assistance?

When you post on the Trello board, we’ll receive a notification and know that you’ve contacted us. Using this or sending an email is probably the best way to get in contact quickly.

What about Phone Calls?

We tend to reserve phone calls for progress updates and check-ins. Because of the nature of our work, we must stop our progress to schedule and receive a phone call, thereby decreasing our productivity. Time spent on the phone is valuable time spent not working on website projects. Since we have time set aside to answer email, it’s much more effective to contact us that way or via the Trello board. Requests for multiple phone calls may result in additional charges for our time.

What’s the Best Format for Content?

When you send us page content, please send it in a format we can copy and paste, such as a Word document. Since Trello allows you to attach files to each card, posting it there is a perfect solution. Attaching it to an email will also work. Mailing us printed documents is counterproductive because we then have to retype the information onto the web page.

If you have additional questions not addressed here, we hope you’ll email us! We’re here to make the process as easy as possible for you.

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