Journey Christian Church

Journey Christian Church, located near Richmond, Virginia, wants its mission to be very clear. They exist to invite and lead others in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Their approach to creating a church environment where anyone can feel comfortable, regardless of background or prior church experience, is one reason why they are among the fastest growing churches in the United States. Their site had become cumbersome, needing to be better organized and more streamlined so that information was easier to locate. They are also a member of a network of churches called North Point Ministries based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and they wanted their website to be more in line with others from the network.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must say that the groundwork for much of the functionality of the site was done by Nick Hempsey at Studio412 Design. He created a custom WordPress theme for Journey and did a remarkable job. My part in the project was to take that theme and make sure content and images were added and organized. The new site features a much more streamlined way for users to find out more information and register for events, learn where they can volunteer, fill out applications, and much more. It’s probably one of the most organized sites I’ve ever done. In addition to current members and attendees being able to find information more quickly, those wishing to visit the church can also easily find information about service times, location, etc.

Users are already saying how much easier the site is to navigate. Here’s hoping that continues and that this site makes it easier for Journey to fulfill its mission!

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