JB Watkins PTA

If you look around at websites for PTA organizations, they’re usually pretty basic. This is not a bad thing, mind you… PTAs aren’t going to spend money on hiring a professional to design a website, nor should they. They have much more important uses for that money! In many cases, those websites are also not maintained, with calendars and news that are out of date. Again, this is normally not their fault. Someone usually volunteers to take care of it, and the busyness of life causes them to get behind and the site falls by the wayside. When I noticed that as the case with my child’s school, I realized that this is the perfect way for a “mommypreneur” like me to volunteer. With a baby at home and a business to run simultaneously, it’s difficult for me to go up to the school, but something I can do on my computer is perfect for me.

So…. the JB Watkins PTA now has a new website, featuring a homepage with a moving slideshow, coming events, and the latest news. The interactive calendar is able to be exported to Google or iCalendar and features addresses and maps for event locations. Parents can subscribe to the site to get the latest news delivered to their inboxes, and they’ll soon be able to register for events on the site. We can eventually turn the site into a portal where board members can login and share information with one another. There can also be photo albums of PTA events.

A PTA website should be more than a list of events… it should be a tool that makes parents’ and teachers’ lives easier. Then again, that’s not just limited to a PTA organization. ANY organization or business should have a site that works for them and makes their lives easier.

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