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When I received an email inquiring about my interest in completing a new website for the East Carolina University Marching Pirates, describing my reaction as elated would be a gross understatement. Having gone to ECU, majored in music, and participated in the marching band, this was a dream site for me. The director was interested in updating their existing website to something that was more in line with current web trends. After viewing their site, I agreed that a change was in order and proposed some features that would make their web presence more current.

Since their old site was more than a decade old, the only thing that is the same about this one is a bit of the content. The new site has a password protected portal with the possibility for multiple levels. For example, it’s possible for students, alumni, and staff to log in to the site and have access to different content. Students can access forms and schedules, while alumni may need to download music for upcoming Alumni Band events. While this is one of the most exciting parts of the site, it will not be seen by the public at large.

In addition to the portal, the public portion of the site has multiple features that make it more relevant and useful for both the band and its supporters, including:

  • Responsive (mobile friendly) Design
  • Social Media Integration
  • Photo Albums
  • Alumni Connection Area – alumni can update contact information
  • Slide Shows
  • Videos of Performances
  • Full Interactive Calendar
  • Recruiting Information for Potential Members
  • News Area

These are just some of the available features on the site. This project was a lot of fun to complete and definitely ranks up there as one of my favorites. Here’s hoping that the updated site brings relevance and exposure to the ECU marching band. GO PIRATES!!

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