Commonwealth Radiology

GuppyFish Web Design is pleased to unveil its latest website for Commonwealth Radiology. Located in Richmond, Virginia, this radiology practice serves many across central Virginia. In fact, many Virginia residents have probably dealt with them at one time or another, since they do most of the imaging for the Bon Secours hospital system.

What They Needed

When we first met with Commonwealth Radiology, they knew that they needed a new website. Their old one was dated and a bit unorganized. Additionally, users could not easily find needed information. The important items, such as locations and patient documents, needed to be front and center in an easy-to-find location.

They also needed an updated place for password protected documents. Physicians had various documents, such as schedules and procedures, that they needed to access easily. This “physician portal” had to be easy to find for physicians, while remaining unobtrusive in the public part of the site.

The New Commonwealth Radiology Website

On the new website, visitors to Commonwealth Radiology can find almost everything they need on an organized, visually engaging homepage. There are maps to all locations, along with easy to find information about various procedures. Patients can also find information about paying their bills online and just about anything else they may need to know. On the physician information page, visitors can click on a physician’s image and read a bio that pops up right on the page.

The physician portal received a face lift, as well. Instead of being located in the main menu where it may confuse patients, there’s a small link at the bottom of each page. When physicians click this link, they must enter a password. After that, they can see all the documents they need.

This website also has a lot of room for expansion. The press room announces news and philanthropic endeavors, and the physician portal also has the capability for expansion.

Here’s hoping that the new website for Commonwealth Radiology helps the patients and physicians continue their quest toward optimal health and customer service.

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