Award Home Inspections

Snapshot of the website for Award Home Inspections in central Virginia
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The website for Award Home Inspections in Central Virginia was a fun project and the first in collaboration with C3 Media Lab. James Shea from C3 had already been working with the company on some SEO and content. He then brought GuppyFish Web Design on to develop a new website.

Before this project, the company had a very basic website done in a web host’s builder. While it conveyed information, the website was dull and no longer met their needs. Specifically, the company wished for users to be able to schedule inspections online. They also desired higher rankings for relevant search terms.

Award’s Website Features

In addition to information about the company, visitors to the site can find out why home inspections are important and what to expect when the inspector comes. Additional features include:

  • Online Scheduling
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Forms
  • Ability to Pay Online
  • Client Testimonials
  • Expansion Capability

We are happy to report that, since the site’s launch this summer, Award Home Inspections has seen improved rankings for keywords relating to their business. In short, they have improved Google search results with an updated site structure.

Working with April, one of the employees at Award, was an absolute joy. They clearly enjoy their work and pride themselves on doing a careful, thorough job. The new website allows them to network with real estate agents and present a positive, professional presence. Additionally, users can find all the information they need much more easily.

If you live in central Virginia and need a home inspection, check out Award Home Inspections. You’ll be met with friendly, professional people.

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