About Us

About GuppyFish Web Design - Fish jumping from laptop screenOur Beginning

GuppyFish Web Design was founded in 2009 by owner Karen Carps, a Christian wife, mom, musician, and computer geek who is driven by helping clients grow their organizations using websites and social media.

What started as a hobby to allow Karen to leave her full time job as a technology integrator with a local school system has grown into a busy web design business.

Our Platform

As Karen worked with different platforms for creating and maintaining websites, including coding them by hand, her experience with WordPress convinced her to use that exclusively as her main website creation software. This rich environment is perfect for business sites, non-profit organizations, and blogs. The vast amount of support, resources, and extensions available for WordPress allow GuppyFish Web Design to create unique website solutions for a wide variety of clients.

Why GuppyFish?

With a last name like Carps, it’s pretty hard to get away from fish references, so Karen decided to run with it. Her maiden name is Buck, so she enjoys telling people that she went from hunting to fishing in the name department. When Karen was pregnant with her oldest daughter and did not know yet if she was having a boy or a girl, she and her husband referred to the baby as “Guppy”. In a sense, the name GuppyFish was born when her daughter was.

Additionally, Karen’s faith in God is her driving force and is fundamental in her life. The symbol of the fish is a way for her to honor God.